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Veselka powder 10 g - All about Veselka
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Powdered powder 10 g

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Описание товара

Healing properties:

Biochemists managed to isolate in the structure of the fungus a high concentration of phytoncides that help to cope with any viruses and even successfully resist the AIDS virus. The fungus stimulates the production in the human body of remarkable cells - lymphocytes and proteins of perforin, which are effective killers of atypical, malignant, cancer cells.
It is used in such types of malignant neoplasms, such as: leukemia, sarcoma, melanoma, and a number of others.

Other main uses of the Vesel mushroom are:

  • - Various benign neoplasms, in particular, adenoma of the pituitary and prostate, various polyps, cysts and a number of others;
  • - Different types and stages of hypertension;
  • - Hepatitis;
  • - Tuberculosis;
  • - Elevated cholesterol;
  • - Herpes and a number of other viruses;
  • - Cardiovascular diseases;
  • - Post-stroke conditions;
  • - Influenza;
  • - Diseases of the joints;
  • - Healing of various ulcers, wounds.

The second direction, which uses a mushroom veselka - the prevention of various diseases.

Veselka - application

For the fungus Veselka recipes differ in their variety, so before using it is necessary to consult a fungotherapist.
The fungus also has contraindications: for expectant mothers and nursing mothers, children up to 12 years.


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