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Веселка капсулы - All about Veselka
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Spring Capsule

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Описание товара

Description Весёлка

Active ingredients

• polysaccharides,
• peptides,
• hydrogen sulphide,
• aldehyde,
• melanins,
• B vitamins,
• micro and macro elements,
• unsaturated fatty acids.

pharmachologic effect

  • - antitumor;
  • - activation of antiviral immunity
  • - reduces high blood pressure in people with hypertension;
  • - removing cholesterol from the body;
  • - Regulatory and normalizing effects on the endocrine system;
  • - improves the sensitivity of the body to insulin / glucose; improves the metabolism of insulin and glucose;
  • - promotes the regeneration of liver cells, stops cirrhosis;
  • - analgesic effect;
  • - antihistamine;
  • - antifungal action;
  • - anti-inflammatory;
  • - vasoconstrictive;
  • - regenerative;
  • - Wound healing;
  • - stimulating growth of hair, nails, eyelashes;
  • - Restoring reproductive functions, natural aphrodisiac.

Description of the pharmacological action

A dietary supplement to a diet that can be recommended as a source of biologically active substances to help strengthen the heart, blood vessels, stomach, intestinal system, kidneys, and general strengthening of the body. Promotes increased immunity.
First of all, Veselka mushroom is a means for the prevention of cancer in people with risk factors (bronchitis of smokers, mastopathy, ovarian cysts, premalignant skin diseases).
In folk medicine, Veselka is used to treat fibroids, adenomas of the prostate gland, kidney and gastrointestinal tract diseases. Heals Veselka and metabolic diseases, increased and decreased function of the thyroid gland, various forms of diabetes, all kinds, hardening, papillomas, etc.

1 capsule: basic substances - dry powder Veselka (Phallus impudicus) 100%, excipients - gelatin; 1 (package): dry powder Veselka (Phallus impudicus) 100%, 1 suppository - 0,2 g active substance Veselka (Phallus impudicus), excipients - cocoa butter.

Indications for use
  • • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach ulcers and 12-peritoneum, colitis, enterocolitis, gastritis with high acidity,
  • • liver disease (hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver), pancreas,
  • • kidney disease (nephritis, pyelonephritis), bladder,
  • • the female sexual sphere (endometriosis, inflammation of the appendages),
  • • cardiovascular diseases (without increased blood pressure),
  • • Atherosclerosis, dystonia, hypertension, post-infarction and post-stroke states,
  • • benign tumors, mastopathy, fibromas, fibroids, prostate adenoma, adipose,
  • • malignant tumors, brain tumors,
  • • stimulation of the immune system for colds,
  • • preventive course,
  • • joint diseases,
  • • autoimmune diseases (lupus, scleroderma, herpes, etc.),
  • • diseases of the blood and lymph.

Product form: capsules with a mass content of 0,3 g by 60 pcs. in a plastic container, packets of 10 g and 30 g with a measuring spoon 0,5 g, suppositories (0,2 g active substance) 10 pieces per 2,2 g per pack, 50 ml cream in a plastic tube.

Contraindications: Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, children up to 12 years.
Side effects: Not identified.
Dosing and Administration: Inside, for 30 min before meals, according to 0,5-1,0 g, 1-3 capsules 2-3 times per day for 1-3 months. (repeated course for the appointment of a consultant), according to 1 suppository 1 once per 1-3 day for a month.
Storage conditions: In a dry, the dark place at a temperature of 2 to 20 ° C.
Shelf life: 36 months.


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