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Suppositories Veselka - All about Veselka
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Suppositories Veselka

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Описание товара

Description Fungosveci Veselka

Ingredient composition of suppositories has complex antitumor, restoring effect, components of the composition interfere with the development of concomitant changes in the body.

Fungosveci Veselka are used for:

  • - Malignant and benign formations;
  • - Myomas and fibroids;
  • - Polypah;
  • - Sexual infectious diseases of the latent type;
  • - Inflammation of the uterine appendages;
  • - Endometriosis;
  • - Gynecological diseases.

Candles are recommended for anus cracks, treatment of intestinal polyps, including adenomatous, hemorrhoids, microbial imbalance (dysbiosis) and oncological diseases of the rectum

Composition: cocoa butter, mushroom cheer.

Cocoa butter - has an emollient and moisturizing effect on the rectal mucosa, prevents irritation and dryness.

Application Fungosvec Veselka

Veselka mushroom - promotes the resorption of malignant and benign tumors, prevents metastases, has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect, increases potency.

Mode of application: 1 suppository per day, course 10 days. For effective action, it is recommended to use water or soda enemas before use.

Water: 800 ml of purified room temperature, 1 once a day for 1 hour before the introduction of the suppository.
Soda: 800 ml of purified water, 36 g soda (1,5 tbsp spoon), mix the solution, use as an enema for 2 hours before the introduction of the suppository.

The effectiveness of the combined use of soda or water enema and suppositories is clinically confirmed.


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