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Preparations from Veselka

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  • veselka-kapsuli

    Spring Capsule

    Description Veselka Active substances • polysaccharides, • peptides, • hydrogen sulfide, • aldehyde, • melanins, • vitamins of group B, • micro- and macroelements, • unsaturated fatty acids. Pharmacological action - antitumor; - activation of antiviral immunity - reduces high blood pressure in people with hypertension; - elimination of cholesterol from the body; - Regulatory and normalizing effects on the endocrine [...]

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  • veselka-extrakt

    Veselka concentrated extract

    Description Veselka concentrated extract Description and form of the release: Extract of mushroom veselka (Phallus impudicus), auxiliary substance propylene glycol. Homogeneous transparent liquid of light brown color with a weak specific odor. It is allowed to form a small amount of sludge at the bottom of the vial. The form of the bottle is 30 ml. The extract composition: polysaccharides, phytoncides, phytosteroids, amino acids, melanins, organic acids, including fatty polyunsaturated, flavonoids, [...]

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  • veselka-porosok

    Powdered powder 10 g

    Healing properties: Biochemists managed to isolate a high concentration of phytoncides in the structure of the fungus, helping to cope with any viruses and even successfully resisting the AIDS virus. The fungus stimulates the production in the human body of remarkable cells - lymphocytes and proteins of perforin, which are effective killers of atypical, malignant, cancer cells. It is used for such types of malignant neoplasms as: leukemia, sarcoma, melanoma and […]

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  • Veselka elixir

    Veselka elixir

    Description Veselka elixir Release form and description: 40% alcohol solution 100 ml. Homogeneous transparent liquid light brown color with a tint to greenish, with a slight specific smell. Allowed to form a small amount of sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Vials are packed in cartons. The composition of the elixir "Veselka": Veselka mushroom tincture (Phallus impudicus), obtained from the fungus in the egg stage. Processed by special energy […]

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  • veselka, svechi, onkologia, fun, candles, oncology.

    Suppositories Veselka

    Description Fungosvechi Veselka Ingredient composition of suppositories provides a complex antitumor, restoring effect, the components of the composition interfere with the development of concomitant changes in the body. Fungosveci Veselka are used for: - Malignant and benign formations; - Myomas and fibromiomas; - The polyp; - Sexual infectious diseases of the latent type; - Inflammation of the uterine appendages; - Endometriosis; - Gynecological diseases. Candles Veselka recommended for cracks anus, treatment [...]

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